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Since the san francisco weather in july is cool and sunny, you will find it's a busy time of year to visit. The annual rainfall is 581 mm | 22.9 inch.

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December is the most wet month.

San Francisco Year Weather. Weather today weather hourly 14 day forecast yesterday/past weather climate (averages) currently: The average temperature in san francisco is 13.5 °c | 56.4 °f. The national weather service manages two weather stations in san francisco.

Average temperatures and rainfall by month. July is the hottest month in san francisco with an average temperature of 14°c (57°f) and the coldest is january at 10°c (50°f) with the most daily sunshine hours at 14 in july. The city has mediterranean climate with mild rainy winters and warm dry summers.

The average temperature this month. Average weather during august in san francisco (california), united states of america. Head over to oracle park to enjoy a game with the sf giants.

This month should be avoided if you are not a big fan of rain. You can get more detailed information about san francisco's fall weather in the guide to san francisco in september, october, and november. San francisco, california enjoys mild temperatures year round.

The amount of rain in august is extremely low with an average of 1mm (0.0in). The coldest month is january with an average maximum temperature of 14°c (57°f). The area can commonly experience foggy weather which forms over the pacific ocean and often drifts into the city, especially during the spring and summer months when the sea.

The warmest month is september with an average maximum temperature of 21°c (69°f). So on a monthly basis, how does the weather look? 90 rows this page gives the highest temperature for each year in san francisco and.

San francisco stays a cool 60 or so degrees all year long. Averages are for san francisco international airport, which is 11 miles from san francisco. Average weather in san francisco california, united states.

San francisco weather in december: The weather fluctuates from wet winters to dry summers. Owing to the cold current, the sea in san francisco is cold all year round.

The best time to visit san francisco is from september to november. San francisco climate summary san francisco is 21m above sea level. What is the san francisco weather vs.

Visitors to san francisco may want to take advantage of the long hour of sunshine during the summer months, and this is also statistically the driest time of the year. San francisco international airport, usa). Most days have highs in the mid 50s or 60s °f (13 to 21 °c).

See an sf giants baseball games: In december, the rainy season is well underway, with precipitation nearly doubling over last month to 112mm over 10 days, though rainfall can vary from year to year depending on el nino, which brings warmer wetter conditions, or potentially less rain and cooler temperatures. Here are a few other fun things to do this month.

Extreme cold or heat are unheard of here. In winter, there is much more rainfall in san francisco than in summer. Starting off the year in january, this tends to be san francisco's wettest month with an average of 5 inches of rainfall.

In addition, the water temperature remains quite stable, in fact, it ranges from 12 °c (54 °f) between january and june to 14 °c (57 °f) between august and november. Temperatures will vary from 46°f (the average low temperature) to 57°f (the average high temperature). The most pleasant months of the year for san francisco are september, october and august.

San francisco has dry periods in may, june, july, august and september. In oakland, you will find higher temps in the summer months (70 to 75) and about the same temps in. 70 f / 55 f, 1.26 inches.

In san francisco, the summers are long, comfortable, arid, and mostly clear and the winters are short, cold, wet, and partly cloudy. 71 f / 56 f, 0.26 inches. All year january february march april may june july august september october november december

What does vary across the months is rainfall. Here are the average sea temperatures. The average minimum temperature (usually the minimum temperature is noted during the night) in san francisco in august is 12.0°c (53.6°f).

The wettest month is january with an average of 119mm of rain. It's a little warmer in oakland in the summer and about the same in the winter. In san francisco, the climate is warm and temperate.

The one located near ocean beach can be experiencing breezy, foggy conditions with a. 64 f / 51 f, 3 inches. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 45°f to.

Past weather in san francisco, california, usa — yesterday and last 2 weeks. September is the hottest month for san francisco with an average high temperature of 69.9°, which ranks it as one of the coolest places in california. 12am 3am 6am 9am 12pm 3pm 6pm 9pm 12am 60 62 64 66 68.

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