Diseases Caused By Poor Air Quality

Learn the facts about air pollution and how you can keep your heart healthy. The diseases associated with air pollution are environmental lung diseases.

Types of Pollution There are Five types of Pollution Air

Air pollution can make asthma symptoms worse and trigger asthma attacks.

Diseases Caused By Poor Air Quality. Development of diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and possibly cancer; Some common airborne diseases may include: An acute respiratory effect is an almost immediate reaction to poor air quality.

As for diseases and conditions, these are a few of them that can crop up as a result of poor indoor air quality. It is important to note that poor air quality can induce both acute and chronic respiratory problems, which have different symptoms. Rampant constructions, burning in farms, an increase in the number of vehicles all contribute to poor air quality indoors and outdoors.

Let us understand better the health issues or illnesses that can be caused by indoor air pollution. In 2012, the last year we have data for, outdoor air pollution caused 3.7 million premature deaths worldwide. Pneumonia mostly starts as a bad cough and worsens from there.

Researchers have long linked asthma— a serious and life threatening chronic respiratory disease that affects the quality of life of more than 23 million americans— with exposure to air pollution. Since the passage of the clean air act in 1970, major air. Air pollution is the fifth leading cause of death in the world, and the fourth leading cause of death in china.

Air pollution is the cause and aggravating factor of many respiratory diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (copd) (11,12), asthma (12,13), and lung cancer (14,15). Accelerated aging of the lungs; Heart disease, stroke, and outdoor air pollution.

Air pollution can be harmful to heart health and may make it more likely that some people will have a heart attack or stroke. It’s not finland, with the cleanest recorded air in the world [2], but the united states, for all of its checkered stances on environmental issues, has been one of the world’s leaders in air pollution reduction, at least of particulate emissions from industry and vehicles. About 80% of those deaths were related to heart disease and strokes, 20% of lung diseases and infections.

Indoor air pollution (read the causes here) is a silent killer having detrimental effects on our health. Loss of lung capacity and decreased lung function; Exacerbation of asthma symptoms, diminished lung function, adverse birth outcomes, and childhood cancer.

Poor indoor air quality can be caused by mold, pollens, dirty air conditioners, poor ventilation, tobacco smoke, and carbon monoxide. Billions of people breathe polluted air. This would result in a person suffering from shortness of breath, chest pain, tightness, and high blood pressure.

Image via flickr by ryancboren. Air pollution levels have come down since the 1970s, but smog is being linked with a growing list of diseases, including dementia, obesity, diabetes and even parkinson’s. Too often, we don’t think about air quality, and the massive effect outdoor air pollution can have on our health.

Varicella zoster (a virus which causes chickenpox in children) mumps (virus attacks the glans beneath ears and even causes loss of hearing) measles, whooping cough or pertussis (caused by a bacterial infection and should be treated with antibiotics to prevent damage) Exposure to traffic emissions has been linked to many adverse health effects including: This pointed out that diseases caused by air pollution is becoming the “invisible killer” of human health.

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