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Delete Preinstalled Apps On Apple Watch. Also, try unpairing and pairing your watch again and restoring from the backup just created in the unpairing process. Apr 29, 2016 10:46 am in response to itsasweettime.

delete preinstalled apps on apple watch
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But most (all?) of the apple apps seem to be permanently installed. Close the watch app and then restart both your iphone and your watch:

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Copied and pasted the original question as follows in hopes somebody in applewatch development reads these things: Delete apps on your watch as you do on your iphone—tap and hold until the icons wiggle.

Delete Preinstalled Apps On Apple Watch

However, you can hide specific apps to keep your apple watch home screen organized.If the app doesn’t jiggle, make sure that you’re not pressing too hard.If this option is on, turn it off.If you delete the podcasts app from your device, podcasts won’t be available with carplay.

If you delete the stocks or weather app from your device, stocks and weather won’t be available elsewhere.If you have an apple watch paired with your iphone, deleting an app from your iphone also deletes that app from your apple watch home screen.If you have an apple watch, deleting an app from your iphone also deletes that app from your apple watch.If you have an apple watch, removing an app from your iphone also removes that app from your apple watch.

If you have an apple watch, restoring an app to your.If you have apps you can install on apple watch, they’ll be listed at the bottom of the screen under the available apps header.If your watch still doesn’t have enough available storage, remove some apps to free up more space, then try to update.It is simple to put in and delete apple watch apps.

Launch the apple watch app on your iphone.Make sure that you use the exact name of the app.Now, scroll down to view the apps installed on your watch.On your ios device, touch and hold the app lightly until it jiggles.

On your iphone, go to the watch app.Once the feature is disabled, you will be able to uninstall your app (s) again.Or on an iphone 8 or earlier, press the home button.Press the home button to finish.

Push down lightly on the app icon until it starts todance.Scroll through the list of apps on the my watch screen until you find the app you want to remove from your watch and tap it.Settings > general > restrictions.Some apps, particularly third party apps, can be removed from the apple watch’s app layout by turning off their show app on apple watch setting.

Speciality level out of ten:Tap my watch from the bottom.Tap on the app, then tap remove.Tap on the button to remove the app from your watch.

Tap to restore the app.The apple watch simply turned six years outdated, and has come a good distance from its debut, turning into vital iphone and health accent for a lot of apple followers, with a set of greater than 20,000 apps you may, we’re listening to rumors of latest updates that might deliver blood sugar monitoring to the.The dock offers a place for you to quickly find.Then on an iphone x or later, tap done.

Then try to install the watchos update.There isn’t a way to have it on the phone but not on the watch.There’s no way to delete an app on apple watch from iphone.This should result in no loss of data and in some cases can free a lot of storage.

To delete apps on your watch, see:To remove an app from your iphone’s home screen:Touch the app icon and hold your finger there lightly (do not press down) until the icons jiggle.Turn both devices off together, then restart your iphone first;

Via the dock, grid view, or
list view.
Wait for the app to restore, then open it from your home screen.What you may not know is that the restrictions feature is currently being enabled, that prevent users from deleting their apple watch apps.When an app is on your watch, the “show app on apple watch” slider button is green and sits on the right.

You can delete apps directly from your watch in the same way that you delete apps from your iphone.You can view apps on your apple watch in three ways:

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