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Concrete Volume Calculator App. (500mm deep allowed) 0.5 m³. = ( volume with bedding × sand ratio total ratio) ×1550 volume with bedding × sand ratio total ratio × 1550.

concrete volume calculator app
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= (0.84 × 6 7) ×1550 0.84 × 6 7 × 1550. A simple tool to calculate how much concrete is needed for pouring slabs, footings, columns and steps.

Concrete Calculator App Concrete Calculator Concrete

A tool to calculate concrete volume and other construction calculations. Also calculate concrete required volume for holes.

Concrete Volume Calculator App

Concrete and aggregate calculator app smartphone calculators for concrete, aggregates, and masonry the new calculator section of has been a huge hit, so we’re taking it on the road with a suite of smartphone applications that bring all of our calculators right to your blackberry, android or apple device (ipad, iphone, ipod touch).Concrete volume calculator is the best construction calculator app.Concrete volume calculator section view diagram first, draw the shape of the slab:Enter the number of bricks (8 x 2 x 4) or blocks (8 x 8 x16) in the box below that you plan to use for your project.

Enter your dimensions into the boxes and change to the metric system if you need to.For site mix calculations, refer to the concrete calculator.Here’s a simple, easy to use concrete volume calculator to figure the amount of cubic yards or cubic meters of concrete you will need for your project.Hope it is a best concrete calculator 2019.

Includes both metric and imperial systems of measurements features:It also calculate total cost and quantity of concrete needed for constr
uction of footings, slab, square column, bar.It also calculates the total cost and quantity of concrete required for the construction of slab, bar column, square column, footings, and steps.It is a simple and easy tool to calculate the volume of footings, slab, bar column, square column, and steps.

Measure cement, sand and aggregate quantity in concrete.Measure the number of premix bags necessary for your project.Quickly determine calculations of construction projects and get immediate concepts for your new projects.Roofing calculator framing calculator wall, floor & ceiling calculator foundation calculator

Simply multiply the volumetric quantity of sand and gravel with 1400 kg/m 3 (bulk density of sand) and 1600 kg/m 3 (bulk density of stone) respectively, when calculating in metric units.Starting at top left of plan, enter side lengths clockwise around slab (top left to right) and hit correct direction arrow to draw sides.Thank you for using concrete calculator 2019 app and don’t forget to rate it.The calculator will then tell you the number of bags you need based on the different size of bags we carry.

There is option to settle your own size and rate of premix bags.This option is supplied as readymixed concrete.Volume with bedding = 0.84 m3.Volume with bedding = flooring area×0.07m flooring area × 0.07m.

Wastage of 5% to be allowed.You can also estimate the quantity of sand and gravel required by weight;∙ 60 lbs bags provide 0.45 cubic feet of cured concrete.∙ 80 lbs bags provide 0.6 cubic feet of cured concrete.

∙ cured concrete weighs 150 lbs per cubic feet.

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