App Not Installed Miui 12 2022

App Not Installed Miui 12. ‘allow apps to start automatically’ + ‘allow the app to be started by other apps. ( eu stable) tryied the following with no luck:

app not installed miui 12
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1) enable developer options on your xiaomi smartphone. 1, clear data of themes app.

2, download and install google installer. 3, download and install themes app (select to install with google installer) 4, launch themes app.

App Not Installed Miui 12

Basically, the app neither shows up in the app drawer nor on the home screen but is present under the manage apps section under settings.By turning off miui optimizations the dialog which was presented when i wanted to install app on phone was not shown (xiaomi mi 10 5g miui 12.0.3).Cant use maps, whatsapp google backups etc.Cleared cache and data @ google app services,android auto , google.

Disable & remove bloatware from miui 12:Disable it and accept warning.Download the miui 12 global beta recovery zip file on your phone’s internal memory and remember the location of your file.Enable both options for ‘google services framework’ i.e.

Finally found the solution on the mi forums.For miui based devices please make sure that you mark the miui clock simple application to be automatically run.Go to miui settings and then “installed apps”.Go to security > permissions > autostart and allow miui clock simple to autostart, then reboot the device.

Go to settings > apps > reset app preferences/reset application permissions.I am using redmi note 9 pro 5g with china rom.I used to have a similar issue with miui 12 where the spotify control thing would reappear in my notifications after closing the app, but i found a workaround to this problem:I would just reopen the app and then swipe the notification away and then close the.

If asked, grant the permission to superuser request.If magisk is not installed properly then this grant pop up screen will not come instead root access failed message will be shown else a success message will appear.Install youtube vanced and micro g.Installing miui 12 global stable is very easy.

Issue was that in case phone screen got turned off, dialog will be dismissed after few seconds and to install an app will need to run install command again.It was 2 days ago update to miui 12.0.3 android 11.Moreover, the application is running on version time when you tap on the app on your screen, you’ll be asked which of the apps in your miui phone you want to use to complete the desired action.

Now select the browse option and locate the third party theme mtz file.Now select the finish option.Now, instead of going back to set a different default app, you just leave it like that.Now, you can see the developer options and tap on it.

Open the miui theme editor app.Open the root checker app and then tap on the verify root status.Or it may appear if you are using a rom that has been modified to install apps from external sources.Scroll down to till the bottom and there you will find the miui optimizations.

Select the app you want to change and scroll all the way down.Since 2010 our web site has officially worked with xiaomi on a variety of projects for app translations and bug fixing and is a major part of today’s xiaomi global rom experience thanks to the great team at and its community.The android app not installed error can be combated after resetting app permissions.The message itself does not tell us anything, but it can occur in some circumstances, such as if you are trying to install a miui 12 beta, originally intended for a selected circle of users, which has been removed.

The theme has been successfully installed.These are the prerequisites needed before you can disable and remove bloatware apps from your xiaomi smartphone running miui 12.This error can appear especially when going from miui 11 to miui 12 with an update, an error that is generated by the important change in the preferences that miui 12 has integrated.This error is not the first time that it appears, although in miui 12 they have been more affected.

This same thing happen to me.Thx for the reply, so it’s a stable beta i guess and you are a mi pilot, i’m sure it will be resolved, i installed the closed beta not long ago, but i reverted to miui11 all was in chinese on miui 12 being a closed beta i didn’t knew that lol i’m kinda new to all, this, now i’m waiting for the ota regular update, because i want to.To enable developer options on your xiaomi smartphone running miui 12, do the following steps:To solve it, we only have to configure the notifications as we showed you at the beginning and then check.

Updated android auto to latest version.Well, the problem is not with the miui 12 itself but installed apps seem to be behaving crazily.Xiaomi europe was founded over 10 years ago to provide international users an exclusive community for english miui android and xiaomi products.You will see the “clear defaults” option.